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Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

Yesterday our out of town landlords (I really hate that term) stopped by to see the house and ask again if we'd like to buy this house....a question they've been asking for a year and half. Of course we would but our credit, for a variety of reasons, prohibits us from buying toothbrushes on credit much less a lovely house. I could site all the reasons but ultimately the facts would remain the same.

They are lovely people and only stayed for moments...on their way to see family in this neck of the woods. Their 25 year old son just finished his enlistment in the Army, his tour in Iraq and is now on the path to devour some untold number of women. Dad is proud and mom, well she's like any other mother and sad about his choices. Their Sunday afternoon stop over totaly halted our plans for finishing the house for our "Home Study."

Agreeing to become a foster parent means more to me than I can eloquently put to means a chance to effect (affect?) the future. It means a chance to change the path of little lives and help a young soul (or souls) reach their goals. As of now the only thing we are waiting for is our finger prints to come back from the FBI, our last two personal referrences and the Home Study. There will be no issues with the finger printing since neither one of us has ever been arrested, no problems with the referrences since one is my mom and the other is the camp directors from Royal Family and that just leaves the impending 3 hour visit to pry into our world.

They look in all our cupboards, drawers and closets.

They will assess the safety of our home. They will judge the cleanliness of the environment and then, then there will be a marathon interview. Questions will be asked about how we live, how we were raised and how we get along. Our opinions and beliefs will be scribbled down in a nice lady's note book and then she will decide whether or not we are suitable to look after kids.

Wow, am I scared.

Our youth pastor at our church, who also went to camp with us, just had the ink dry on his license this last Friday....he said they talked about us in their Home Study and the licensor is very excited about us.

It is pleasing that so much safe guarding is taken before handing over little kids to people....I hope we pass...


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All my best wishes are with you.
Comment from theresarrt7 - 9/13/05 12:24 AM

Good luck and be positive. You can do it.
Comment from jmorancoyle - 9/7/05 6:07 AM

You will be fine. I can feel it in my bones. They need parents to foster so badly and I think they will be lucky to have you both.

Keep us posted!

Be well,

Comment from princesssaurora - 9/6/05 3:56 PM

Chris, I wonder if the "Landlords" would hold a mortgage?
{{{ Hugs & Prayers }}}
Comment from deabvt - 9/6/05 9:44 AM

I'm sure you will pass. Have no fear - all is well! You'll be great!
Peace and love,

Comment from cdittric77 - 9/6/05 7:07 AM

You WILL pass and with flying colors. :-)

Comment from rjet33 - 9/6/05 6:09 AM

Hope of such an altruistic journey and the energy of anticipation must be nearly uncontainable for you two. May the interview be a success. Patrick
Comment from daddyleer - 9/6/05 5:44 AM

I don't know why they make the process of becoming foster parents so intimidating and distasteful. I guess if people went through that kind of microscopic investigation in order to become PARENTS, we wouldn't NEED foster parents. ((((Christina)))) Lisa :-]
Comment from lisaram1955 - 9/5/05 10:43 PM

What a wonderful gift you will be giving...your life is so extraordinary it will be a deep and profound blessing...I will be keeping you and your new addition in my prayers...God bless you cMp
Comment from courtenaymphelan - 9/5/05 9:40 PM

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