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Foot Drop

Posted by Animaluver

 Has anyone tried the electrical stimulation device as opposed to an AFO? I am asking because I have an afo that is made from carbon and steel, yes it is lightweight but it is freezing! My foot gets so cold even in the summer that it turns white and since it is numb to begin with, the brace made it worse. I am wondering how the stimulators work so I can ask my neuro about it.  Any input would be appreciated! 

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Hi! I just signed on to this website and read your question. I have been experimenting with the WalkAide for 2 years. When it works it is great. My PT said it is an ingenious invention. It has just taken Hanger forever to get the right cuff made for me. It has only been a few weeks since it was last checked out and it is working very well. Write if you have any questons.
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