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Fingers Crossed

Posted Jan 12 2010 1:05pm
I have my fingers crossed for a couple of reasons.

I've written in the past that Brian and I have been waiting for a few years to get married, but my ex has been dragging his feet on the divorce. The separation was filed in August of 2005, so yes, it's been a long time!! Anyway, I've taken the reins and been handling calls to the ex's lawyer, with his permission, and I'm getting things moving. I spoke with the lawyer on Friday, and he said if all goes well, the divorce should be final by the end of February! So now, Brian and I are all excited that we finally will be able to get married. He's so cute, he's been looking at wedding cakes, and talking about different things he wants to do. We have decided though that it will be just us, the kids, and a few close family members. We are already basically married without the official papers, so we don't need a big blow out bash to make it legal. Yippee!!

Next thing for fingers crossed........

I had my appointment today with the MS Center, and explained all the goings-on of late with numbness coming and going. It's like switches are being turned on and off throughout each day. One body part will go numb, then later it will be fine, but another body part will go numb. I've had a couple of accidents lately while shaving my legs because of numbness. My right hand is ALWAYS partially numb, then when I run the razor over numb parts of my leg, I can't feel anything, so I end up cutting myself. My legs are not a pretty sight right now. And my face has been numb for a few days now. It feels like I've had a few too many drinks.

So anyway, after describing my symptoms to the neurologist, she, like me, is placing the blame on me getting sick in December. She tried to explain it to me, but my brain is mush so I pretty much don't get it. She said my body is still trying to fight off the virus, so has recommended an anti-viral medication called amantadine. I've actually taken it before for fatigue. Anyway, I have to take it for 7 days, 2 times per day and see if my symptoms resolve. If not, then I get to do the dreaded IVSM. What I don't get is this: MS patients have an immune problem, but my understanding was that the immune system was higher than normal, therefore the attacks on the nervous system. Maybe I misunderstood something somewhere. But if that's correct, then why can't my revved up immune system fight off a virus?

So, my fingers are crossed that the divorce will FINALLY go through, that I don't have to go through IVSM and Prednisone, and let's not forget, fingers crossed that my sweet puppy dog Duncan makes it through his surgery just fine, which is scheduled for next Tuesday.
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