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Feral Cats, Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise, and Pizza Commercials I Don't Get

Posted Jan 15 2010 12:00am
It's been like Mutual of Omaha'a wild Kingdom around here! We suddenly found ourselves inundated with feral cats. Called the humane society, they delivered a trap for us to use. We were successful the last 2 nights, catching one cat each night. I'm not much of a pet person, but love animals, can't figure out how people can just let their animals go free. I hope there is special place for people like that, have a feeling there is.

Bought a recumbent exercise bike off Craig's List a while back, $25 or so, don't remember. I'd like to start using it to get some much needed exercise, see if I can drop some tonnage, and see if it helps my legs. My problem is my back. I have to get this whole back thing figured out, but I'm also scared to do too much, having stopped the medicines. I think I should wait so I know if I have leg issues from the lack of meds, or if it's my tour de France training.

I think I may be odd? I watch commercials, things that people get paid lots of money for, and I think I wouldn't buy air from these people! Papa John drives his dream car around, delivering pizza, and saying Papa's in the house. What the hell is that, and why would that make me buy his pizza. It makes me think he's made too much money, almost like he's saying, look what I have.
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