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Feeling....Pretty? Uuuh...Not!

Posted Mar 08 2010 6:03am
No, actually today I am feeling quite rubbery and a bit on the mean side. I think the steroids are catching up with me.

Yesterday, apparently while I wasn't looking, someone snuck into my house and slipped a rubber suit over my body, and an extra thick rubber mask over my face. I'm less than pleased, and if I could only figure out who it was.......Meanwhile, I'm walking around talking to myself and making faces just because it feels weird. It feels strange to walk because of the numbness, and I have to watch what I am doing with my hands so I don't hurt myself. My balance is totally out of whack and I look intoxicated, which unfortunately, I am not. I find that the right side of my body wants to move faster than the left side so I start to walk a bit sideways. But with the mood I am in, I will stay at home today, so I won't have to worry about anyone accusing me of public inebriation.

I've already had one melt down this morning, before 8:30am even, so I expect it to be a "great" day. I am going to go do some exercise and see if I can blast the blues away, and I, as always, have a ton of housework to be done, so I will do that.

I'm not going to call the neuro docs about the rubbery feeling as of yet. It has been not quite two weeks since the first IVSM dose, and I know I need to let the meds have time to work, so I will "wait and see" for a bit.

Went to see Alice in Wonderland last night. I enjoyed it, but not quite as much as I thought I would. Definitely was a Jim Burton movie for sure, and Johnny Depp *sigh* certainly did an amazing job as the Mad Hatter. But, my favorite Alice in Wonderland will always be the made for TV 1985 version that had Natalie Gregory as Alice, Sammy Davis, Jr as the Caterpillar and Red Buttons as the White Rabbit. Love that one! I still watch it occassionally!
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