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Feeling Almost Human!

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:18pm
Wow! Today I am feeling great. I've accomplished quite a bit already, but I keep waiting for the fall. I'll be working along on something then the thought hits me-"huh, I'm not exhausted yet." So I continue again.

On the negative side my numbness is getting worse. It's always been partial numbness meaning I can feel a little bit. Now my right hand is pretty much completely numb, and my left is following close behind.

As far as the medications go, I really don't know which is causing my problems. My mind is still on leave, and I've been getting so tired so fast (except for today, knock on wood) that I just all of a sudden need to sleep. I've been dizzy, off balance, and having trouble focusing my eyes. I finally reached the dose of Neurontin that the doc wants me on, so that could be it. Or it could be the amantadine. The amantadine was added while I was still increasing the Neurontin weekly.

Mind loss effects:
  1. I have to make an important phone call today. I remember who it was too, but I have no clue why I needed to call.
  2. I washed my hair this morning with my Exfoliating Body Wash. As I was lathering up, I couldn't figure out how on earth I got so much dirt in my hair. So I continued scrubbing, then rinsed and decided to wash it again to get that damn dirt out. I reached for the shampoo, and oopsie! it was the body wash, with seeds for exfoliating. Now I had no dirt, just seeds. ~sigh~
  3. B and I went to the store to get 3 things. Coffee, creamer, and cereal. I'm standing there deciding on the creamer, and I finally picked one out. Then headed to the register to pay. Without the other two things. The coffee was right next to the creamer! I've been doing this alot, and making a lot of trips to the store. Brain fried.
  4. I walk into a room to get or do something and have no idea why I'm there. ALOT
  5. I'm hearing things, like the doorbell that I wrote about before. This morning there was music coming from one of the rooms, but when I tried to figure out where it was coming from, it stopped. To top it off, there is nothing in that room to even make/play music.

SSDI sent me a denial saying that muscle weakness and depression is not enough for disability. Hello? Did they not read the ms diagnosis, the symptoms, etc? Anyway, I immediately filed an appeal, and they will let me know when I have to go in front of a judge to plead my case.

I received a FedEx package last week. The corporate entity I call The Terminator, sent me a letter informing me that I am terminated as of October 24th. Why? Because I hadn't been employed there for a year yet, so the paperwork that was missed doesn't matter anyway. Nice place huh? They couldn't call me because that would be to personal. So instead I receive a letter via FedEx. Sweet.

And now I'm getting tired. Poo.
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