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Fatigue-Specifically MS Fatigue

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:20pm
And even more specifically, MS Fatigue, exacerbated by Heat....
written by: Stuart Schlossman-RRMS

I was almost annihilated yesterday, by fatigue brought on by heat, brought on by? - Oh of Course, my MS ....Thinking it was early enough in the day to tend to the grounds of my backyard.And after just about 15 minutes, feeling as if I were going to pass out..

Recovering some, by getting in the pool fully clothed (but luckily remembering to remove my wallet and cell phone) to get an immediate cool down.
But yet, spent the rest of the day feeling " wasted". Like I was drug induced or having drank way too much...

Of course you would think that I (Stuart Schlossman) would know better than to attempt what I did in 80+ degree weather. But it needed to be done as so much time has passed since the last time I tended to my grounds.

Well, I can say this.. Unless it's 6am or 8 at night, the tending to what I did yesterday, may have to wait til the winter months or for me to get somebody else to do these small tasks...
Small tasks that i guess I am no longer able to accomplish.

I slept like a baby last night, having fallen asleep with just .06 seconds remaining in the Lakers-Magic game. Awoke this morning still feeling dazed and learning the Lakers won in Overtime.

Even now, almost 5 hours since awakening, I am still feeling: beat-up / dazed / wasted...
Yes- I will be resting today as I have many other thinsg to do this week where my mind is needed to function.

For those that want to read:Much is written of fatigue, by the National MS Society: Click here
But, what do you do to combat fatigue?
Your responses could benefit others. Maybe even me........

Have a GOOD day.

p.s. :
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