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Exercise and Positive Thinking

Posted Feb 16 2011 12:00am

Written by: Samantha Harris -     Samantha has friends and a relative that are affected by MS

Living with MS and other chronic diseases, like cancer, is never easy to do. With all of our attention on the breakthroughs in research and treatment, it’s sometimes easy for us to forget the very basics of surviving chronic illness: diet and exercise.

Dieting with MS and other chronic illnesses can be harmful or beneficial. According to the National MS Society , some special diets that offer treatment solutions and cures for MS may be detrimental in the long run. Some of these diets do not provide balanced amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

In fact, MS dietary needs are very similar to the standards set forth by the American heart Association and the American Cancer Society. Avoiding rich foods high in animal fats are linked to outbreaks of MS.  Diets lacking in linoleic acid, a necessary fatty acid, and high in animal fats may increase the chance of developing a more susceptible nervous system.

Along with a balanced diet, exercise is necessary.  Aerobic activity results in less fatigue, reduced depression, and increased heart health and bladder and bowel function.  Though exercising is one of the keys to beating MS, too much of it can actually deter progress.   Avoiding exercising during the hottest times of the day, specifically between 11am and 4pm, decreases the risk of fatigue and heat-induced trauma.  

Exercise programs should be custom fitted to a person’s limitations and abilities, especially if that person struggles with MS or aggressive cancers  Anyone desiring to begin a new exercise regimen should discuss the specifics with a doctor or physical therapist.

Along with a heavy dose of   positive thinking , keep exercise and good eating habits at the top of your priority list. Beating cancer or MS, and living a longer, healthier life is directly related to how we treat our bodies. Caution and care can minimize symptoms of most chronic illnesses and can lead to  better quality of life overall.

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