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Excellent information and resource tools to help you live life with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:25pm
Today, I came home from work and took my meds. As I was laying down waiting for them to kick in so I could get enough relief to take a nap. I started reading the newest edition of
"The Motivator" by MSAA (The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America) I found a lot of good useful information. Since I really don't have much to say about myself (I know...Shocking). I decided to write about useful information and links that you may find interesting or give some direction for you and your loved ones. Anything Highlighted is the link to the direct location of the topic.

The MSAA does have an extensive library and video library for you to use for free. It is quite interesting and a lot of good topics and subjects. This Library covers everything from a good description of MS, Symptoms and Research. It also covers Family changes and challenges. Disability and Leagal information as well as many other topics and discussions.

This subscription also has a section called the" Research Update" describing all the current Treatments for MS along with all the Experimental Drugs that they are currently working on along with Other Therapies they are studying. Interesting Info and answers to common questions about the treatments.

There is a section that is Labeled "Symptom Awareness" This section gives an overview of common symptoms and devices that may make life more suitable for you.

This was fun. I might do this more often with other resources. I hope you find it interesting as well. The "Poll of the Week" is coming very soon.

Oh and under the blog post. I have listed a few of my favorite links to places. I started a "Faces of MS" page on my website and would love for you to feel free to add your face to the wall.
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