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Everyone Here is Jim Dandy - 40

Posted Mar 08 2013 6:15am


What Causes Multiple Sclerosis

No joke. Each of the items in the following list has been seriously posited and studied.
1. Epstein-Barr virus (mononucleosis).
2. Lack of Vitamin D.
3. Milk from cows.
4. Lack of milk from cows.
5. Aspartame.
6. Cigarette smoking.
7. Military service in Iraq.
8. Northern European ancestry.
9. Herpes Simplex virus.
10. Childhood vaccinations.
11. Emotional trauma.
12. Air pollution.
13. Employment in the healthcare field.
14. Pork.
15. The female sex (i.e. being a member thereof).
16. The black mold that grows in old houses.
Things that pretty surely do not cause multiple sclerosis (my own presumptions) 1. Black helicopters.
2. Masturbation.
3. Fruit.
4. Methamphetamine.
5. Transcendental meditation.
6. Kafka novels.
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