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Eventful Anniversary +

Posted Apr 15 2010 7:10am
Yesterday was our anniversary--6 years together. When I was getting the kids ready for school, I found a bouquet of roses on the counter. Not just any bouquet either. I get flowers from Brian often, but this was different, and much sweeter I think. He had printed some single roses out on the computer, 6 roses, then painstakingly cut out each one, made a vase out of paper, and put the six roses inside the "vase". That's a keeper for sure.

Next, I went up to the bathroom to shower, then came downstairs to the small bathroom off of our bedroom (the new room we did this winter, we finally moved in to it two weeks ago), and as I stood there drying my hair, I noticed something on the mirror. I have to laugh out loud at this because I had already been in the bathroom a couple of times and not noticed it! Anyway, Brian had taken one of those Taco Bell sauce packets with the sayings on them, and taped one right smack in the middle of the mirror that read "Will You Marry Me?" (Reminder--I have already said yes, and we have been engaged for 4 years now, however my divorce has not yet been finalized. It's getting close though!)

And lastly, he made a cd for me of music that means something to each of us. He included a list that describes what each song means to him. Very sweet!!

After all that, the rest of the day kinda went downhill. I did grocery shopping which totally wore me out, and only had about 15 minutes to close my eyes before the kids came screaming through the door after school. Ever watch Seinfeld, where Kramer always came through the door wildly, skidding, and overall making it known he has arrived. Yeah, that's what my kids do.

While they played outside with the neighbor kids, I worked in the gardens. Got some bulbs plants, cleaned out more of the leaves from last fall, which I always leave in the flower beds during the winter. I guess I feel like they protect the plants. My cell phone was sitting on our front proch, I heard it ring, so up I went to answer it. As I was talking, I kept smelling something strange, so when I got of the phone, I asked the kids if they did something to create the smell. It smelled like rubber burning. They said no, so I went back to my gardening. A bit later, I went inside the house to find that the entire house was filled with smoke!! Something was on fire! So I yelled for the kids to get the neighbors, who were outside, while I frantically ran through the house to try to find what was burning. It was the washing machine of all things! My darn washing machine started on fire. It was out by then, but I was flipping out. We opened windows, turned on fans, etc to air the house out. It was nasty. Thank God it didn't start the whole house on fire, but now I am without a washing machine, and remember the dishwasher broke about two months ago. Good grief-what next.

We planned on going out for dinner with the kids last night, just my two since Brians kids were with their mom. Unfortunately, Brian ended up working late, so the kids and I went out ourselves. His working late all the time has become quite the burr in my panties. It wouldn't be so bad, except he is on salary, so they are taking advantage of him. Another story, which if I get into now will piss me off and ruin my day, so enough on that.

I don't think I have updated the MRI results, so here they are. I finally, after numerous phone calls, got a call back from the nurse practitioner at the MS center to let me know the results. She said that there are no new brain lesions, but that I have a "bunch" on my spine now. A "bunch", how lovely. She said that although there are a "bunch" now on the spine, the MS is stable right now, so nothing to do or change. However, she politely informed me that "the spinal lesions, with their locations, coincide with the symptoms" I have told them about. Good to know I'm not a fruitcake that was making up symptoms, which is how they make me feel sometimes. I don't have to go again until September, which is great.

My daughter turned 11 on April 1st. We had a party for her that day with just family and our neighbors kids. It was lots of fun and went really well. Her party last year was horrid and tense because my ex's family all came. My ex mother-in-law had the nerve to sit and talk about me to a close friend of mine, and I know she did it purposely so it would get back to me. Not only that but they were rude to Brian and me, and they were in my damn house! So this year, they weren't invited, and the party was as a child's party should be. The ex MIL acted mad that she didn't get invited, but she should learn to keep her mouth shut if she wants to be invited to my home. My ex himself came to the party, but we get along fine and do what needs to be done to parent our children. His family on the other hand, wants to battle, so be it. Also found out that one of my former friends is upset (and talking about me behind my back) that her and her children didn't get invited to Meg's party this year. There are reasons why she is a "former" friend (like always talking about people behind their backs, among other things) , and we invited family only, so step off, and take your drama elsewhere. Sheesh, there are more things to get upset over than not getting an invite to an 11 year olds birthday party.

Time to get into the yard before I lose all my energy. More bulbs to plant, although now I'm a bit worried because the weather forecast calls for a "chance" of snow on Sat and Sat night. ick.
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