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Employer issues?

Posted by TallGirl

I work for a HUGE health care conglomerate. We even, until recently, owned the regions largest health insurance company. We just sold that to Humana for 245 million dollars.

Anyway, they have a sweetheart deal....I pay $150 a month for my Copaxone which they get through our company owned pharmacy for $750 a month.

It used to be $60 a month. I can't afford the copay. 

 Adding insult to my injury is the we are in HEALTHCARE (5 hospitals, rehbas, surgery centers, ect. and employee 9k ppl). And this is the best they can do?


Anybody know of a MS watch dog group or watch list i can report them to? We are very reputation conscious. 

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I would recommend reporting them to your states insurance commissioner and or OSHA. Explain in the most detail possible and request they assign an investigator to look into it on your behalf.  Two months ago I made a complaint against BCBS of GA and I was assigned a caseworker just before Christmas so I am crossing my fingers and am just in the wait and see hold….


Good Luck
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