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does this sound like symptoms of MS. my grandmother thinks i have it?

Posted by itsalwayssomething

i have been having sharp random pains in my arms, hands, face and chest. I have also experienced times when i lose my vison for about 30 seconds and then it comes back. i call them blackouts. because it fades away and then comes back and at the same time i get really weak in my legs and have to sit down until my vision fades back in. i have also experienced times when i am sitting still yet the room starts spinning. almost like when you spin around and then stop but the room keeps moving. my eyes seem like they are shaking. its the weirdest thing. i have no idea what it could be. does anyone know if these sound like symtoms of something serious. i have been experiencing these things since the 5th grade and im 20 now. no history of any major health problem and im not on any drugs. i dont smoke and i dont drink.
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Some of the symptoms you have mentioned certainly do raise a red flag for Multiple Sclerosis, but no matter what the underlying cause you need to have a full medical evaluation (preferably by a neurologist if your insurance will cover one) 


Multiple Sclerosis seems to be reaching across all age spans with increasing numbers even pediatric populations (possibly just do to better test and available health care?) so the face that you have had these symptoms since fifth grade should in no way exclude a possible diagnosis of MS.


Please have a full work up including a brain MRI and let us know what happens.

Best of luck!



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