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Does MS symptoms mean you have MS?

Posted Feb 19 2011 12:00am
I have a co-worker that lost her equilibrium, had blurred vision and had to take some time off from work because she didn't know what was going on with her. When she did return, she had to walk with a cane. She went to her Neurologist and they ran several test on her. I kept thinking she has MS, but I wanted her doctors to determine her situation because I am not a doctor!
She later learned that she simply had fluid on her brain. They drained the fluid and as of now, everything is fine.
I was watching the new show called, "The Talk" yesterday and they showed a tape of a reporter who was covering the Grammys and she coud not properly pronounce the words she was trying to say. They had her in their studio and interviewed her. She said she knew what she wanted to say, but the words would not come out and if they did come out, they didn't come out clear. She said she was tired from working a twelve hour day, she had a headache, blurred vision along with the slurred speech.
She was asked if she had been drinking before she went on camera and she said no, she takes her job very seriously and there's slurred speech and then there's slurred speech.
She too had several test ran on her and it was determined that she had this rare form of a migrane headache. During her testing, she learned that her mother has had about five similar migranes and they can run in your family. Her episode may be her only one or she could have several more. There's nothing she can take to prevent them, but if she feels similar symptoms coming on, she could take some things to prevent it from coming on as hard as her last episode.
Both cases had test ran for MS and they were negative for the disease, but I was so interested in both of them because I experienced some of the same symptoms they both experienced and my findings was that I had MS. I learned that's not always the case for everyone and I'm glad that neither of these ladies had the same findings that I had with my symptoms.
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