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Do other MS patients experience severe cold sensations in fingers?

Posted by Kathy

I was disgnosed with MS recently and one of my mopst troubling symptoms is -----  severe sensation of freezing-cold under fingernails (as if fingers are immersed in slushed ice) (worstened with ANY use of fingers as well as physical and mental exhaustion), numbness (including loss of any sensation-to-touch in fingertips) and a  lack of awareness of orientation of most of my fingers in space making typing and writing near-impossible.  My job occupation as a Commercial Banker involves extensive use of computers/email and writing notes during involved meetings with clients.  I'm struggling to know how I'll be able to continue to perform my job.  I'm 2.5 months into a relapse and unsure whether I can expect these symptoms to improve in the near term.  These were the same symptoms that I experienced with my first relapse (4 yrs ago) -- however the loss sensation/orientation is new.

 Welcome any thoughts, similar experiences and advice.  In searching the internet, I've not found other accounts of such freezing cold sensations nor uncoordination of fingers.


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oopp just re-read my posting ---- I'm only  2.5 mths into this relapse sop hoping perhaps there still  is hope it will improve.

Hi Kathy!

I too experience very cold sensations and numbness in my fingertips, fingers, hands and feet. It can be due to the MS. Let me rephrase.. Numbness and different sensations are very common with MS. Being that this happened in your first exacerbation and now is back with the current exacerbation, my guess would be that yes it is due to your MS. The crazy/scary thing about MS is that with each exacerbation, there is a good chance that the feelings will come back after the exacerbation comes to an end. However, there is always a chance that this will be a symptom that you will have to continue to deal with and find tips and tricks to help overcome or learn to cope with. The goal is to be able to learn ways to cope and do your job until or unless you can no longer do that. If you can help give me some things you do at work that are or will be very difficult to do, with your hands/fingers, I will see if I have some tips for you or can ask the over 1000 fellow MS'ers that I talk to daily. We can see if we can help you to learn new  ways to make daily life and work easier.

I know that I had to find Tips and Tricks (T&T) and very willing to help share those ideas with you. The one thing Nobody can do is tell you how long these symptoms will last or if they will go away and that sadly goes for any MS symptom. All we can do is keep HOPE that they will.

Your MS Friend!


my hands and feet are always cold!as far as i know it goes with ms!sharon
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