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Disability and Social Security When do you apply??

Posted Jul 31 2009 8:05pm

Three years ago when I was going through all the testing for what was wrong with me. I had to stop working. Apparently it is not good to work when you can not stay awake, wear clothes because they hurt and passing out whenever I would stand up or come in from outside.

I was told to apply for Disability. I looked into it and found out that I hadn't earned enough work hour credits to get any assistance from Social security and Disability. I have worked since I was 16 but from the age of 19 - 32 I did home daycare and then Real Estate. So even though I had worked I hadn't worked in the eyes of the Government.

So, as I progressivly got better over the last 2 years. My goal was to work as much as I could so that I could earn my credits.

Today I got a letter from social Security and guess what??? I have officially earned enough credits to recieve Disability if and when the time comes.

Now I know that getting Disability is very hard to do in Illinois. However, at least I have the credits to try for disability. They will still turn =me down but not for that reason. So I see it as a step in the right direction.

My question is that I have been told that there are 2 different types of disability. I dont' understand them. My Mom thinks I should just start the process now so that by the time I get approved then I have it in place. My feeling is wait til I need it. She thinks that if I wait til I am down and can't work then I will have a few years of waiting for the approval and at that point it is to late.

So I am confused??? If I am capable of working, maybe not full time can you still start the process?

How does this work???

When do you start applying??

Don't forget to take part in this weeks polls. We need as much participation as we can get.

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