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Diagnosed with MS after the onset of optic neuritis - a patient's story

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:54am
My name is Robert Groth, and I was diagnosed with MS after having a severe onset of optic neuritis and going blind in one eye. Relieved to find out my blindness had a name called multiple sclerosis I was then told to go home. My diagnosis took place over 19 years ago, when there were no drugs for MS.

And like many others I was in denial over my disease.

Until 3 years ago. My ignorance, denial, and “sticking my head” in the sand approach lasted so long. That summer I had gone from a vibrant and confident man hiking over 100 miles at GlacierNational Park to a man who couldn’t hold his bowels, lost his drivers license, used a cane, and cried over severe anxiety. Multiple Sclerosis was in control of my life.

I like many visited the doctor and they had not much to say except they could up my medication and add an array of others to help with anxiety, and depression.

This was not the answer or solution for me. I have never been a firm believer in taking drugs especially those to fix my head. I do continue to take just one which is called Rebif.

Determined to find solutions that wouldn’t be pills in a bottle. Solutions where I would regain my life and be the same person I was the year before . I wanted desperately to go hiking again in GlacierNational Park, I would not let go of those memories.

I prayed to God to lead me the way, to help me find the answers to heal myself and get better. I visited my pastor who blessed me with holy water asking the Lord to heal my sick body and mind.

Two months later the answers arrived, bit by bit, piece by piece.

During this 2 year period I had removed all MS issues. Stress had left my body and I felt wonderful. I wanted to spread the word of what I had learned. Information that was not being spoken of in the community of multiple sclerosis. Patients of multiple sclerosis unfortunately being given their 20 minute consultation and sent home with a script People with MS needed and deserved so much more. They needed a road map to leaving the dark forest of MS, and I wanted to be that road map.

In November of 2008 my wife and I created Conquer Multiple

A blog was created to spread the word of what we had found. That there was a treatment for multiple sclerosis, one that didn’t involve another pill in a bottle.

Our mission is: Turning Disease into Vibrant Health. There is no cure for MS, but with choice and conviction you can go from a 10 in severity to a 3 or 4.

Today I still do suffer from complications of MS, but it no longer controls my life. Each and every month I exceed in skills I couldn’t do 3 years ago. This past weekend I normally would be able to walk 1.5 miles maximum. But instead I completed 2.2 miles. I huge victory for me, that I’m so very proud of.

I want to share with everyone that there are answers and solutions if you “choose”. First you must believe in yourself that you can get well and then you must choose to find it. It is there, I promise you.

Please visit us at Receive a free ebook I’ve written with Dr. Dharma Sing Khalsa on how you can heal MS in Twelve Minutes Per Day.

If you would like to leave a comment for Robert, I am sure he would appreciate it. Use the comment link just below this story. Thank You
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