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Decades of Research Packed Into One Powerful Low-Fat Diet Can Provide A Lifetime of Relief - For MS Patients

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:26pm
Controlling the unpredictable course of disseminated sclerosis or multiple Sclerosis(MS) has been the ambition of physicians and scientist around the world since it's detection as a distinct disease in the mid nineteenth century(1868). In the last hundred some odd years there have been a slue of alternative treatments tested to curve the manifestation of disseminated sclerosis(MS).

Everything From Herbs to Martial Arts Has Been Suggested As an Attempt to Manipulate its Symptoms and Episodes

The most interesting commodity in all alternative treatments is that someone, somewhere at sometime has seen positive effects from their preferred treatment. It may not be the overwhelming majority, although - just knowing these treatments have been successful in either suppressing episodes for extreme periods or conquering the disease by some unforeseen miracle, should give all patients hope!

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