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Daily Responsibilities (and lack of doing them)

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:18pm
I'm seriously lagging behind in the normal everyday tasks that need to be done in this house. It's not dirty, much, mostly just cluttered. Of course with kids, cats, and a dog, I shouldn't expect perfection, but a little cleanliness now and again wouldn't hurt.

I've decided that in an effort to keep myself out of the bed I love so dearly, every morning I will write up a list of things to do throughout the day. And, I'm going to do it while helping the kids get ready for school, cause if I don't, I will just drop them off then crawl right back into bed. This way I know there is a list waiting for me when I get back home.

I started today. I only wrote 6 things to do on the list, and I'm almost done already. Go Me!! Now I'm taking a break because I may have overdone it a bit. Damn!

Back at the end of July, when all of my symptoms occurred and I had to stop working, out of fear of the unknown, I applied for Social Security Disability, just in case I needed it. After I received my diagnosis, I was sure that I would be going right back to work, so I was going to cancel the claim. When the symptoms continued, I decided to just wait a bit before cancelling and see what would happen with everything. Yesterday was the social security exam with a psychologist and a neurologist.

The psychologist, after talking with me for a mere half hour discussed anger management. Now, I don't think me having anger is a big problem right now. After all, wouldn't you think she would have some anger issues if she were diagnosed with a chronic, progressive disease? Then she asked if I take my anger out on my kids, which caused me to get angry. My son was sitting right there, looking happy as a clam, and she asked that question? I guess it's her job.

The neurologist asked me a lot of questions, like what my neurologist was doing about certain symptoms. The answer: nothing. We're just waiting and seeing what happens. He sort of, trying to be professional, recommended I find someone else. I asked him about the MS Clinic they have at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, and he said he's heard nothing but good things about it. I shall check it out.

If these symptoms go away, or at least get better, I will return to work and cancel the social security claim. But I probably won't be able to return to my current place of employment. Too much stress and too many hours. I'm going to take all of this as it comes my way.

Last night I was putting fruits and veggies into those "green bags" that are supposed to keep them fresh longer. I bought them on Monday. As I was doing this, observant daughter walked into the kitchen and practically yelled "Mom, you have Debbie Meyers' Green Bags? Thats awesome!" Observant daughter is observant because she was with me when I bought them. Gotta love kids!
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