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Could neuropathy actually be ms?

Posted by winter385

Good morning..I need help, or answers or some place to get answers. I'm 55 yr old female with Raynauds that causes angina, and dry gagrene. I have mild neuropathy (per test) which only bothered me when I over did myself. For the past few weeks my symptoms have become unbearable. I have tightness in my lower legs, pain, and extreme heaviness as though I'm carrying around a 100 lb weight which goes all the way to thighs. My feet are cramping or rather having a spasm, I flunked the Romberg's test, and the MRI several years ago was negative for lesions. Sometimes my husband points out I slur my words, my thought process seems to be slow, My head itches, and I live with pins and needles in my legs and feet 24/7. Currently on no meds, and neurologists sent me packing when I refused narcotics several months ago. Could this  be a sign of MS? Do I need to see yet another neurologists? My husband says I need to go to a pain clinic, and most doctors (3) say its all related to neuropathy/raynauds so they don't want to order any additionally tests. Please does anyone have any ideas. Thanks in advance
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First I want to start with saying how sorry I am that you are going through so much pain and stress. I agree that finding an MS Neurologist that Specializes in Multiple Sclerosis would be the best way to go. Going to a Pain Management Dr. may be able to help withyour pains, but then you are taking pain medications without knowing why ar what the reasons are (a Diagnosis). I know that with Insurance, sometimes it is difficult to find or be able to go to a Specialist. The symptoms that you are describing sound very similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and for so many people, all the tests do come out negative and can take a long time to be diagnosed. I am only going to take a guess but generally MS is diagnosed generally between early 20's - mid 30's. However, they are finding and diagnosing it young kids and older adults. here is what I have found, sometimes we have to take control. We know when there is something not right with our bodies. Dr's do not live daily with our sufferings. They are busy and they go from one patient to another. You need or your Husband needs to take control and get your Dr's to listen to you and push for further testing and updated tests. Most times we are under the impression that Dr's know best and that is not always the truth. You are a team and every Dr's that you get, you need to impress that upon them. To answer your question... Neuropathy is and can be a huge part of MS and/or other diseases. There are other diseases that have and are very similar to MS. For instance Lyme's Disease. With that test, there also is a lot of times it will come back negative and then finally come back positive.. Be Determined, take Control and you will get answers. 

I am always here to talk to and help you along the way. Please feel free to write me anytime and I will do my best to answer your questions or guide you a long the way.

Your Friend!


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