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Could I have MS and what are the next steps that I should take?

Posted by brandydamm

I am a 26 year old female.  I had a Vaginal Hysterectomy on October 14th.  When I woke up in recovery I was unable to move my legs and left arm.  I was in the ICU for 5 days and released with a walker.  Six days after the surgery I regained back all the feeling in my left arm and right leg, and most in my left leg.  Since October 29th I have developed new intermittent symptoms that are quite concerning.  I did have an MRI without contrast on the day of my surgery to rule out stroke which was negative. 

These are some symptoms I have experienced off and on since October 29th: pain in legs and arms, tingling sensations, dizziness/vertigo, fatigue, urinary frequency/urgency, blurred vision, running into walls/loss of balance, left upper eyelid twitching/blurred Vision, itching(crawling sensation under skin), constipation, waves of intense painful pressure in left rib cage, weakness in left leg and foot(unable to wiggle toes or flex foot downward).

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