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Coping with Multiple Sclerosis is challenging enough without having to worry about the cost of your MS therapy

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:20pm
Because MS is challenging, getting on therapy shouldn't be.

Coping with MS is challenging enough without having to worry about the cost of your MS therapy. That's why we're offering MS LifeLines ® Access Made Simple, a new program that can help you get affordable access to the therapy you need... regardless of your financial status (subject to meeting eligibility requirements).

Through the MS LifeLines Access Made Simple program, you may be eligible to get Rebif ® (interferon beta-1a) at no cost, or for no more than $50 per month, for up to one year of treatment. Best of all, MS LifeLines takes care of all the paperwork

How do I know if I'm eligible for the program?

You may be eligible for MS LifeLines Access Made Simple if:

  • You are a US resident with a relapsing form of MS, and
  • You have been newly prescribed Rebif therapy, or are restarting therapy after having previously discontinued Rebif for at least 90 days

Some limitations required by law: People residing in certain states, as well as those covered by federal and state programs, may not be eligible for assistance.

Program eligibility requirements and benefits subject to change and discontinuation at any time.

You may apply to the MS LifeLines Patient Assistance Program the following year; enrollees will undergo periodic insurance reviews.

How do I apply to the MS LifeLines Access Made Simple program?

There is no application or extra paperwork for you or your doctor. You will be automatically enrolled in the program when your doctor faxes your prescription to MS LifeLines (subject to meeting eligibility requirements).

Will I receive Rebif at no cost or will I have to pay up to $50 per month?

If you are eligible, you will receive Rebif at no cost if you are currently uninsured, insured with no drug benefit, or have exhausted your drug coverage. You'll be responsible for a co-pay up to $50 per month if you have high co-pay/co-insurance. *

My doctor told me that I will probably need to be on Rebif for more than one year. What happens after I have completed the MS LifeLines Access Made Simple program?

If you have no insurance or limited coverage, our Reimbursement Specialists will research options to help cover the cost of your treatment once the year is over. They will be doing this during your last 3 months in the program to try to help avoid any lapse in coverage. Our specialists are trained and experienced in understanding the many state, federal and pharmacy assistance programs that offer funding for people living with MS. The goal is to help you stay on Rebif to help delay the progression of your relapsing MS.

If you are not adequately covered, the Reimbursement Specialist will help you apply to the Rebif Patient Assistance Program.

MS LifeLines cannot guarantee that you will receive insurance coverage or reimbursement for your therapy. But the Reimbursement Specialists will do their very best to help you.

What if I do not qualify for the MS LifeLines Access Made Simple program?

MS LifeLines specialists can answer questions on topics including enrollment, benefits, cost, and prior authorization requirements. They will also help you navigate the Medicare Prescription Drug Assistance Program. If you are still having financial difficulties, Reimbursement Specialists will help you apply to the Rebif Patient Assistance Program. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.

MS LifeLines Access Made Simple. Helping you focus on a successful start to your relapsing MS therapy—instead of how you're going to pay for it.

To find out if you qualify for the MS LifeLines Access Made Simple program, call MS LifeLines at 1-(877)-447-3243, Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 10 PM ET.

* MS LifeLines will subsidize your co-insurance exceeding this amount.

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