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Communication between Doctors?

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:03pm
If only Doctors would communicate then these past 2 days would have been much easier.
I don't even really know where to start. So here goes....

A week and a half ago I had my appointment from hell

Last Wednesday I went to Urgent care Doctor about my throat - told it was a yeast infection in my throat. I asked how this could happen due to the fact that I hadn't been on steroids or antibiotics? He asked if I use a lot of Mouth wash and I responded yes. He said that mouthwash kills good and bad bacteria and since I already have bowel problems. I need those good bacteria more than ever. - OK, Makes sense.

Sunday I got a call from Urgent Care (I saw them 4 days earlier). She told me the x-ray of my heart showed it was enlarged and to follow up with my Primary Doctor on Monday. - What?????

Monday I wake up and get ready for work. Before going to work I call my Primary Dr. as soon as they open. I asked about my heart and the Nurse says it was NORMAL I said how can that be and why would the Urgent Care Nurse tell me this??? She responds, "I don't know but your Primary Care Doctor wants you to have an HIV Test?" WHAT???Why would she want that??? I have been married for 16 years and have never done anything outside of our marriage???? Does the Doctor know this???

I called the Nero and Urgent care doctor looking for any understanding. My Neuro called back first and said that since I haven't been on steroids and also because most of all of the shots we take are immunosuppressants. Copaxone would not be strong enough for this to happen. She proceeded to say that your primary care doctor is just trying to rule out any other reasons. So, of course I was even more nervous and upset. I Looked online and found a lot about this infection being related to HIV. But I also found one that showed a correlation between yeast infections and Systemic Yeast Infection (An infection basically caused by the bacteria in the bowels). So I called and told the nurse to ask the doctor about that and so I wait for a phone call... and NOTHING!!! I sleep on and off all night long scared to death.

Tuesday morning I finally get a response from the Urgent Care Doctor. I asked him Why did you not act alarmed by the infection but yet my Dr is instantly telling me to go have an HIV test. His answer was... First off you have MS and a suppressed immune system to start with, Your breath smelled of mouthwash and I know already that mouth wash kills the good bacteria along with the bad, and you had already told me that you take probiotics because of the bowel problem. Which was very backed up when you came to visit me. MY reaction was "Oh?" Then he said Remember me asking if you use a lot of mouthwash? and I said well, I use the bleaching pre-brush mouthwash then I brush my teeth and then follow up with Listerine in the morning and at night I brush and use Listerine. And then he said there is your answers why I didn't think anything more. I said why didn't my Doctor know this??

So I e-mail a letter to my doctor, who works and is in the same computer system, as the Urgent Care Doctor, and said what he said.

by 8:15 A.M. My Doctor's nurse calls and says your Dr. has canceled the HIV test and agrees with the Urgent Care Dr. So go make an appointment with the Gastro Doctor and then in 2-3 months we need you to repeat you X-Ray of the heart. I asked why now?? And the nurse says well, your heart was mildly enlarged so we want to have that checked out again"

Can you believe this???
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