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Common multiple sclerosis symptoms

Posted Mar 14 2011 12:00am

Multiple sclerosis symptoms can cause a wide range of problems. Some problems occur often, and some are seldom seen. Each person’s MS is unique and each person’s MS can progress differently. Basically, MS can progress in two ways. The first is through a flare-up, which is sometimes called a relapse, attack or exacerbation. The second is silent progression. This means that MS is advancing even when there are no symptoms. Either progression means that damage is done to the central nervous system over time. This is why it is so important to begin multiple sclerosis treatment as soon as possible.Some multiple sclerosis symptoms are seen more often early in the course of disease, while others show up later as the disease progresses.Below is a list of the most common symptoms of MS. Keep in mind that no two people have the same experience with MS. Your symptoms may be very different from the symptoms of another person. Make sure you speak to your healthcare provider if one or more of your symptoms act up. You could be having a flare-up.Being aware of your symptoms will help you talk to your healthcare provider about which treatment is right for you.Common multiple sclerosis symptoms are discussed below: Changes in vision Loss of muscle strength in arms and legs Change in sense of touch Pain Bladder/bowel problems Sexual dysfunction Balance/coordination problems Fatigue Changes in cognitive function Mood changes
Changes in VisionPatients with MS can develop Optic Neuritis. This is an inflammation of the optic nerve, the nerve that controls the eye. Over a period of days, you may develop blurred vision. Sometimes you may feel pain behind your eye, which increases when you turn your eye. After initial symptoms, there is gradual improvement, sometimes after several weeks. But recovery is not always complete.   CONTINUE LEARNING by clicking here ****************************************************************
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