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Cognitive training may improve mood as well as cognition

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:22pm
Submitted by hollie of the Accelerated Cure Project on Thu, 2008-10-23 07:02.

A short-term study of home-based cognitive training in people with MS found that not only did the training seem to improve the participants' memory and attention, but it also had positive effects on their mood. So if you're concerned about your mental function, your mood, or both, you might ask your neurologist or neuropsychologist for cognitive training recommendations. There are a number of computer-based training programs available now that you can use from home at your convenience.


AND my Reply (Stuart's comments):

This is a much needed subject that we each should dedicate more time-to. Those of us that provide information for others, as this is a sensitive subject that I hear from others daily, with their concerns.. "Cognitive Dysfunctioning".

Thru my e-Newsletter, Stu's Views and MS Related News, I try to publish as much as I can about this subject, but yet, it never seems enough for those that read it today and then (of course) forget tomorrow, that they just read about it.. Although this sounds funny, it really isn't.

Just today, a woman contacted me asking if I received her message from yesterday? However it was two days that I received her request and yesterday I spoke with her and gave her options. However today, she didn't recall any of it.. Yes, she is very frustrated with not being able to remember anything.

This subject is too immense to even find a true starting point.
But regardless,, You make a great point in telling people they need to work with their doctors and neuropsychologists..

Thanks again for the quality of information you allow others to learn-from.


Stuart Schlossman


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