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can blood clots in the thigh cause bruising on the outside?

Posted by haha4484

I have MS and am taking Interfern injections and all of the sudden a bruise that is about 5 inches long appeared along the outside of my thigh- along the vein. Have not harmed myself in anyway- but ever since I have had sharp pain in leg and behind my knee and it feels as if I have the lower portion of my leg wrapped tightly with an ace bandage or something- feels very cold and tight.

Could this be a blood clot? and can blood clots cause bruising on the outside?

what to do?

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I'm looking into this as well.  My daughter was diagnosed with MS and now has a blood clot in her thigh, but she is not on any MS drugs. discusses the possibility of a misdiagnosis.  Rather than MS, it could be Hughes Syndrome and a simple blood test can decide the outcome.  Check it out!
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