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California Dreamin’ or Squirrels in My Bed?

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:08pm

OK, so I haven’t really been dreaming about California, despite my wistful moments of wishing for warm sunshine and open-toed shoes.   Instead I’ve been having mega-nightmares.   I had such a terrible one about my stepdaughter the other night, while holed up in a dorm room on the campus where I work, that I awoke with my heart-racing.   I leapt right out of bed as if to toss on my floppy slippers to run to her rescue.   It would have been a long run since I was at least an hour away from home.   (I don’t sleep in a campus dorm just for the pure enjoyment of it all).

The following night, after returning home to my regular sleeping environment, the hubby said I was a nighttime lunatic.   Apparently I was moaning and whimpering and screaming throughout the night, flailing about like a madwoman.   Each time he shook me awake and asked what was wrong.   My only reply to each repeated inquiry: “Nothing. Why?”   I have no recollection of those particular dreams or frantic bed flops.

Once again, just when I thought I was facing something alone,I came along a new blogger (new to me anyway) who is dealing with spasticity issues in her legs.  She referenced her nighttime sleep disturbances as ones where she feels like she’s chasing squirrels in her sleep.   I laughed hysterically about that one, mainly because the hubby just slapped my feet the other night while trying to watch TV.   My stubby, little toes had taken on a life of their own, twitching and kicking – perhaps I had squirrels in my slippers.

Good thing I didn’t try to put them on and then run an hour home the night before.   That would have made for an entertaining YouTube video!

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