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Bull's Eye!

Posted Apr 12 2010 11:03am
Last week, during our hot spell, I scratched my leg and pulled off what I thought was a dangling scab.  When the scab started to move, I realized that I had pulled a tick out of my leg.

A few days later, a very tiny bull's eye mark appeared at the site of the bite (a sign of Lyme's disease).  Yes, I saw a doctor today.  Yes, she confirmed that it's a bull's eye.  Yes, she confirmed that I was bitten by a tick (I still had the tiny beast locked away for dissection if needed).Yes, I started on antibiotics. 

No, I do not have any symptoms.  No, I don't have fever, itching, sore throat, abdominal problems, joint aches.  No, the spot's not itchy and it's not very big (maybe a few centimeters across).  No, I don't know where the tick came from or how I got it. 

Have a great day, everyone, and watch out for ticks and bull's eye rashes!

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