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Brain Inhabitation

Posted Jan 30 2010 11:25am
Apparently while my eyes weren't looking, my brain decided to lease out some space. Seriously, Stephen King is living in my brain. There is no other explanation. I love Stephen King and always have, but you have to admit that his mind works in strange ways. Otherwise how would he be able to come up with the ideas for his novels? And with a mind like his, you really have no choice but to respect and admire it.

So, how do I know he moved in? The past few weeks I have been having unbelievable nightmares. The kind where I wake up in a panic and have to try to figure out if the dreams are real or not. And they aren't gory, horror nightmares, but the kind that really mess with your head. You know, like Stephen King novels. In most of these horrible dreams, I lose my kids in one manner or another. Someone kidnaps them, blackmails me and takes them away, etc. But the thing is that I can still see them, but they can't see me. I can't hold them, hug them or kiss them. And I can't help them, no matter how horrifice their life becomes. It is terrifying for me to see them like that, and when I wake up, I have to think about if they really are gone or not. Plus, the dreams all have people in them from my past. Ex boyfriends, former friends, all plotting against me and using my kids as pawns.

Does anyone have a space for lease so Stephen King can get out of my brain?
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