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Born Free, Youth Bowling, and Fighting Fatigue

Posted Jan 23 2010 12:00am

As you can see from the picture, my efforts to capture the feral cats has yet to be successful. You may also notice the total and utter fear I have put into these wild felines. This Siamese mutt, if cats are called that, could hardly sun itself out on our pool deck today he was so scared! I may need to rethink my strategy, looks like what I'm doing isn't working?

The boy has another bowling tournament tomorrow, this one pretty close, at Country Club Lanes. He is in singles, pairs, and team events. I think it's 9 am he has to be there, so I volunteered so the wife can get some much needed sleep. The problem is it won't work. She will get up to make sure we have everything we need, and probably not go back to bed, but the offer is there. The boy needs to move on the adult leagues, he is up against little kids in some of the events, and he aint little! He just wants one last trip t the junior nationals, and they are July.

Was reading some other blogs today, I see fatigue is an issue with a lot of my fellow MSer's, just like it is for me. I truly believe it to be the worst part for me. I have days, combined with the depression, it's tough to get up from bed. I take my nutsy pills and feel better, but yet to find anything for the fatigue. Every
once in a while the fatigue won't be there as bad, it's nice to feel like my body can go out and do things, even if I know better.
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