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Benign M.S.: What’s it all about?

Posted Nov 02 2008 8:51am

You’ve had M.S. for more than a decade?   How could you not know?


More than one person has asked me that question.   Until I suffered from two major M.S. symptoms simultaneously – obvious symptoms that made the doctors realize that something was seriously wrong with my health – I just didn’t know what was wrong with me.


According to theMS.-Network,“people with Benign MS have mild, infrequent, sensory exacerbations with a full recovery. After one or two attacks with complete recovery and without any disability, this form of MS does  not worsen with time and there is no permanent disability or disease progression. However, some people with Benign M.S. will eventually experience disease progression; their course of disease will change and evolve into the Progressive stages of MS, within 10 - 15 years of its official onset.

Benign M.S. is one of the least common forms of the disease, with only 10% of patients diagnosed with this type of MS. Benign M.S. tends to display non-visible sensory symptoms at onset and does not display any motor symptoms (such as double vision, coordination difficulties or tremor). Benign MS can only be positively identified after there is minimal disability 10 to 15 years following its official onset.”

In my personal case,Benign M.S. led me to feel as if I was a hypochondriac.   It can be very frustrating and equally as scary.   And I’m not sure how to tell you to deal with it.   Long ago when I was facing intermittent periods of vertigo, or started to feel as if was falling into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or when my legs would be weak one day and fine for years thereafter, I would never have guessed I had M.S.   I’m also not sure that an MRI would have shown any massive lesions.   Who knows.  

Perhaps just being aware that there is something called “Benign M.S.” may help.

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