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Bad Box II

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:28pm

Some days ago, after having gotten sick after my two most recent injections of Avonex, I was told by an MS Center representative that I had probably gotten a bad box of Avonex.  I wrote about this in an earlier blog entry for this community.

I must say that I was skeptical.  The notion of getting a bad box of such a potent chemical preparation just did not sound real to me.  

However, this possibility has now been given credence and confirmation by my neurologist, a partner here in Portland at the Providence Health Systems Multiple Sclerosis Center. 

I may indeed, the doc agreed, have gotten a bad box. 

This does not seem like a big deal to the people I have talked to in the professional community.  It happens seems to be the acceptable credo.

But this idea of a bad box of Avonex being something akin to a stale box of Crackerjacks continues to alarm me, no matter what authority stands behind the notion.  Am I being squeemish?  Am I being unrealistic? 

Well, maybe I am.  Maybe this is to be expected now and then.  No one is perfect, yeah?

Nonetheless, I cannot help but wonder when I might get my next batch of tainted or otherwise deadly interferon.  I cannot quite face the fact that I may again become as sick as I was on the last two injectons.  Or sicker.  Who knows?  

These things happen.







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