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Attacking the Aftermath from all the Holidays and also organizing life. Especially when there are a lot of Flare Ups going on

Posted Jan 05 2011 3:57pm

The Holidays are over!

Holidays/Vacations bring on good & bad stress. Good stress can be just as hard on us as bad stress's. I, like quite a few of you, have been fighting the MS and Flu's since Christmas. All the Chaos and build up needs to start being tackled. I strongly believe in baby steps and being proud of what you accomplish each day. I have chosen 1 thing to tackle a day. I am reaching that goal. Reaching that goal makes me feel part of this family and able to have some control but also achievement.

Yesterday for instance - I knew I wasn't going to be able to do physical stuff but I had to fill out the packet for Disability.. So, I did it and had my daughter mail it. -Completed Task

Today - Tackled dishes, and organized papers and bills sitting around everywhere. Can't afford to pay them but I now have them all together and ready to go. - Task Completed

These tasks are by no means HUGE but they have to get done and by doing each one of these, it is slowly organizing and cleaning out areas but also organizing my brain a little.

Besides the Holidays just ending, we are getting deeper into the Winter "wintertime blues", tax time, cleaning, hobbies,weight loss plans, all the New Year Resolutions that we already probably have stopped, etc... we still have a lot on our plates.

Keep an open mind and break things down to ONE thing at a time (Baby Steps)
Depending on the day and how you feel, hit the harder tasks on the good days and not so hard on the worse days.

~~Be PROUD of each accomplishment.~~

HINTS Tips and tricks...

*Use a journal to keep track of what you need to do and how/when you will attack that goal. When you have completed it.... mark it off the list. - sometimes just seeing it marked off, makes you feel achieved. (If it is a big goal, break it down into steps)

*If cognitive is an issue, use a voice recorder or a calendar

*I tend to break dishes every time I wash them.... TRICK - I bought Gardening gloves that had nubbies on the fingertips. It allows me to grasp better and not drop them.

*Putting Away Christmas Decor.. Get rid of the old stuff that you never use. Take it to Goodwill or Amvets. We all have one or two of those boxes we bring up every year to decorate and we never use that same stuff. Let someone else use it and enjoy it and that empties an area out of your home. (And it is a write off for your taxes)

*Did I mention Tax time?? - For a lot of us, that alone brings on stress. Start putting stuff together in one binder or folder. For some of us, it means tax rebates - Work fast to get your stuff together and taxes done as early as you can. The sooner you turn them in, the faster you get your money. For those of us that have to pay our taxes...... Take a break, we have til April 15.. LOL

I can't STRESS it enough...... BABY STEPS!!!! We can all do this and we will all make it through this
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