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As my symptoms surged and swelle...

Posted Sep 29 2008 4:43pm

As my symptoms surged and swelled these past two weeks, an old symptom paid a new visit.   In fact, this was a symptom that began years ago, and would disappear and come back again and again.   It wasn’t until after the M.S. diagnosis that I understood what was going on.

I used to crawl into bed at night, and I’d be resting comfortably, then all of a sudden it felt as if a spider or another creepy crawly was under the sheets with me.   This wasn’t Restless Leg Syndrome, it really felt like bugs!   Yet, this was long before I heardstories of bedbugs.  I would jump out of bed, rip the blankets and top sheets from the bed, turn on the overhead lights, and run my hands along the sheets in frenzy.   No bugs.   Not a one.  

I’d curl back into the bed and moments later, that little bugger would seem to return.   It was the oddest thing. Of course the hubby had a field day, waiting until I was settled and almost snoozing and then he’d run his finger up my arm or leg in the motion of a crawling spider.

As I headed to the Capital Region for business and crawled into an oh-so-comfy Marriott bed, it felt as if the creepy crawlies traveled along with me.   I recalled the Dateline and 20/20 stories about dirty hotel rooms and their beds.   I scratched at imaginary bugs and itches that didn’t really exist.   And then I realized that what I was feeling wasn’t a bug infestation, but rather just a visit from an old friend.

The itches and buggy-feelings continued in the airport and on the plane.   I felt like a little child again, adjusting my clothes, scratching at imaginary nothingness, and laughed at having ants in my pants.

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