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Are my symptoms common ones of MS or does it sound as if I have something completely different?

Posted by Kerri Ann

I have had a wide ary of symptoms since the end of May 2011. It started with severe dizziness, and muscle weakness. Now I am having tingling of my hands and feet, cannot urinate on my own, numbness of the side of the face, as well as nerve pain. I also have extreme head pressure, like my head is going to explode as well as pain in my head when the pressure is intense. I have pulsitale tinnitus that goes with this head pressure. I have had an MRI and Lumbar puncture both of which were completely normal. My urologist thinks I could have MS. I know tingling and numbness is common with MS, but what about head pressure and pulsitale tinnitus? Any info would be appreciated! :)
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Hi Kerri!

I wanted to start by saying that I am sorry that you are going through such a hard and frustrating time. I wish there was an easy answer for you but I don't think there is anything that comes easy with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I agree, that the symptoms you are experiencing are common and some are very common with MS. Tinnitus can be a symptom of MS. One of the most frustrating issues with MS and probably why it is so hard to diagnose, is that each symptom, like tinnitus, can be found in someone that doesn't have any disease .  It took me 6 months to get a dianosis and thought that was horrible. How can it take that long to find any answer, especially with all the tests and scientific equipment and knowledge? Until I starting asking the Question "How long did it take for you to get your diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis"? The results were shocking. A very small amount of them answered immediately, some but not a lot answered 6 months to a year, a lot amount answered 2-5 years, and the most shocking answer was Other. I had said if other, please write in how long. The answers were 10-20 years. Can you believe that?  The Doctors believed that they had it but nothing was showing up positive. So, until they were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, they were diagnosed with "Possible MS" until they finally either tested positive or there was enough evidence to diagnose them "officially". 

I am not saying it will take that long to get an answer, I am trying to explain the reason it can take so long and is not an easy diagnosis. It sounds as though you have enough symptoms going on, that it should keep the Doctor's testing and eventually the answer will be there. I know that a lot of MS'ers do get migraines often, I don't believe I have heard them make reference to head pressure. have you seen an Ears Nose and Throat Specialist? Could it have something to do with Sinuses and Allergies? That is another thing that Neurologists have to do, is weed through all the symptoms. Some symptoms can be from something else. Even with Multiple Sclerosis, each new symptom we have, needs to be checked to make sure it is not something else. It is so hard and patience becomes very frustrating when you continue to deal with all sorts of symtoms. I have been there and truly understand.

As a suggestion, I would be keeping a journal. Everyday fill in:

-Good/Bad/Sleepy/Stressed/ etc..?

- Symptoms that day (highlight new symptom)?      

-What you ate and when?

-what meds you took?

**Remember, that every piece of information, will help them.

Good Luck and feel free to contact me and I will gladly try to help you the best that I can 

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