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annual ladies retreat

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm


This weekend I had the privledge of attending my church's annual ladies retreat to Post Falls, Idaho located right on the Spokane River. It is a truly beautiful camp...

Last year was the first year I had attended because we just moved up here but I was very impressed by something that they do for a few people each year. They secretly have the spouse or a family member of the chosen ladies write a personal profile that gives a 500 word glimpse of those women. The letters actually reveal a glimpse of how that lady is seen by someone who loves her; most of the time the letters are kind of love letters, written in a way that no one knows for sure who the letter is about until around the middle of the letter. Some people don't know until the last line line when the name is, without further ado here is the letter that caused the most tears this year:

People tell me that a change comes over me when I speak about my wife. My voice softens; my eyes fill with joy. I've never witnessed it myself, but I believe it to be true for she is my everything, we are truly soul mates.

When we met, neither of us was looking for love. I'd come out of several bad relationships and she had experienced untold anguish, but I was inexplicably drawn to this strong, independent woman with the wonderful sense of humor and positive outlook on life. That first meeting we recognized that we had a lot in common, from that first encounter we were finishing one another's sentences. We still do that today. We both fought the connection that was happening between us, but God was working to keep up together. When she eventually moved out of state I'm sure the devil thought he'd won, but God had another plan.

Passionately in love with children, unable to have her own, my wife is committed to fostering children and sharing our love of one another and of Christ with them. Her love of people and her ability to uncover seeds of hope in every single situation inspires those of us who are touched by her joy and enveloped by her love. You see, when I first met my lovely wife, she was in the process of recovering from brain surgery and she was bald and so beautiful. She has endured the loss of a fianceeto cancer, the murder of her father and her own diagnosis of MS. For most people I know, even one of those things would have taken them out of the game, but not this amazing woman of faith.

My wife loves art and is a wonderful writer; I often tell her that she has missed her calling in life. She responds with characteristic enthusiasm that her life isn't over yet, she has only just begun.

As she knows, I detest writing, I am certain that she is stunned that anyone got me to do this. Because we are privileged to work together, we are rarely ever apart, which made this a special challenge. Even now, as you are hearing this letter read, I imagine myself sitting beside her. Look at her face and you will discover that she is in shock. If you haven't yet realized it, the light of my life, my wife, is Christina Brown.

I love you.

I had to sit and listen to the whole letter....realize it was to me and bawl with the rest of the ladies at the retreat. It was the best letter of the weekend; but, I may be biased.

I feel more blessed than I can say.

The husbands are also asked to buy some sort of present to go with the letter (I think so that we are forced up to the front of the room) and Charley bought a Willow Creek statue of a man and wife called "Together" for people who have found their true love and soul mate. Wow. The gift is entirely up to the letter writer.....

(I have read my copy of this letter about five million times. I have the original letter he wrote before editing and am amazed to find that all the words of love are his, I think he missed his calling.)

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Wow is right. You two are both amazingly blessed. What a wonderful gift...from God.

Be well,

Comment from princesssaurora - 9/21/05 6:26 AM

That is a beautiful letter. As nice as any present is, a sincere love letter by your soul mate is that much better.
Comment from jmorancoyle - 9/20/05 9:28 PM

My God, Christine, that`s beautiful! The non-writer in the family; your husband travels in disguises. God has truly blessed the both of you!
{{{ Hugs }}}
Comment from deabvt - 9/20/05 2:10 PM

What a wonderful testimony. Love bunches, LuAnne
Comment from thebaabee - 9/20/05 12:01 PM

Christina dear, what a lovely experience for you! And what a husband to so appreciate you and your special qualities!
loving you
Comment from klconard1 - 9/20/05 8:35 AM

What an incredible moment, Christina! You deserve a man who loves you as much as that, my friend. Lisa :-]
Comment from lisaram1955 - 9/20/05 7:48 AM

I think the both of you found your calling in marriage. :)
Comment from cdittric77 - 9/20/05 5:58 AM


This is a beautiful glimpse into what a special woman you are. It also says so much about Charley. What a blessing to have found the love of your life.
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 9/20/05 3:55 AM

You tell that "Guy" of yours how great he is. You are both such wonderful people, I am so glad I got to met and see Charley (and Peanut too) before we parted. I really do remember how much he loved you wayyyyyyyyyy back then too.
Comment from dallas0406 - 9/20/05 3:05 AM

With tears running down my face, I guessed it was Charley from the begining. Christina, I am so proud of him for the way he has always loved you. And I am so proud of you for the way you've always loved Charley. You both deserve the very best and with each other, you have it all. I love you, Mom
Comment from tsgerkin - 9/20/05 2:11 AM

Don't you just love it when you get hit upside the head with how much you are loved? This is simply beautiful.
Comment from sistercdr - 9/20/05 2:05 AM

What a beautiful tribute to you both...a remarkably beautiful sentiment evidencing aTrue Love...what a blessing!cMp
Comment from courtenaymphelan - 9/20/05 1:53 AM

How absolutely wonderful! You are both so blest... and you bless those who have access to these beautiful moments in your life. I was tearing up just reading it in your journal. Hugs and love,
Comment from gbgoglo - 9/19/05 11:29 PM

Wonderful...! Congratulations!
Comment from paulajlambert - 9/19/05 10:11 PM

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