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An MS Patient's Story: Multiple Sclerosis Not to Stop 'Don' from Skydiving for his 80th birthday...

Posted Nov 23 2010 12:00am
As we approach the last quarter of our lives, none will escape problems with health:  mental, physical or emotional.  We all face adversities.  It is how we deal with them that is what defines who we are.

I tell people with incurable diseases that the most important letters in their lives are T-R-Y.  If you don’t try, you will never know what you can accomplish.
“Bedridden” and there is a glass of water out of reach, you must try to get that glass!  If you get an inch closer daily, you might eventually get it.  But if you don’t try, the end game is… YOU GAVE UP!  Once you accept defeat, you are defeated and will never progress beyond that point.  There is no such thing as a good fight – only “FIGHT”. 
M.S. has limitations but you will never know those real limits unless you test them.M.S. feeds on hopelessness and depression because these limitations become magnified.Being alive does not mean you are living.Attack each new day with a smile.  Don’t let your illness turn it into a frown.Remember this philosophy pertains to all with incurable diseases.  So, spread the word.
On November 28, I will parachute (this is not a stunt) with five friends to give Multiple Sclerosis and all incurable diseases visibility, to prove that perceived limitations of age and illness must be tested, never accepted.
Also on November 28th  I will turn 80 years young.  Are you young enough to help?
Written By:         Donald R. Kaufman
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MS Views and News/Stuart Schlossman, wishes a Happy Birthday to 'Don' and good wishes for a successful jump...

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