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Always Better to be Prepared for Emergencies when you have Multiple sclerosis

Posted Jul 23 2009 9:20pm
Always be prepared for MS!!!! What I mean by this is that you never know when MS is going to act up so if you are prepared then you can handle things better.

Over the last few years I have become more prepared and it makes things easier so I am going to share my tips and tricks with you and hopefully as more people read this then they too will add what they have learned.

Tips and Tricks

1) I know that I have prickly sensations so bad that I can only wear certain types of materials. For me is super soft fleece during the colder days and tank tops and loose shorts during warm days.

Tip is to have a bucket labeled MS clothes. This way you and/or FF can locate them when needed.

Also bedding is a problem for me during those times. So I have a storage bag that has the only soft sheets and blanket that I can have touching me. I keep that in the "MS Clothing Bag" On top of this bucket I keep a fan. I seem to always have hot flashes. Not from hormones just the MS.

2) I know that when I am having an exacerbation my memory is horrible. Of course that is when the Doctors ask all sorts of questions on my meds and dosages.

Tip Go to Word perfect or Word and type out your name, b-day, address, phone# and phone #'s, Dr. name and phone # also your Neuro's name and phone #. - Then put all meds taking and dosage and how often. This includes vitamins and other homeopathic or herbal tx. Next list all your allergies Highlight These in RED. Then also include any hospitalizations and surgeries(when and why).

When you are done Print out a few copies. Keep one in your purse,car, bedroom, kitchen, give a copy to your E.R. people Spouse or Parent or Friend. Most importantly keep one in your "Emergency Bag". I will explain this in a minute.

3) Get yourself a small notebook and label it "Symptoms and Treatments".
In this book you will leave the first 2 or 3 pages blank. On the next page at the top of it write down a symptom you have and write Page 1. Each page you will continue to label the page with a symptom you are having or had in the past and continue to number the pages. Now the front 2 or 3 pages you will use as your "Table of Contents" so on the first line you will write what your first symptom was and what page it is located on.

Next. Turn to the First symptom. Write down what you have tried in the past to make it better. Also note if it worked or not. You have a whole page to keep a log of what you tried and what worked and what didn't. And what medications or treatments you used and if they worked or not.

The point of this is that in time when a symptom finally goes away and time goes by. When that symptom appears again you have a log of what worked for you the last time.

I even have a few pages in my book just for Steroid treatments. What tips and tricks I found that helped me get through the side effects.
Leg spasms Pg. 3

Leg spasms

1)1/07 Try stretching - feels good to stretch but within a few minutes pain worse.
2)2/07 Ice packs on legs - Helps a lot
3)3/07 Baclofan dosage - helps

Pg. 4 Steroid Treatments
1) 3/07 get bedding and medical sheet ready for nurse
2) 3/07 get Cinnamon ball candies - helps with metallic taste
3) 4/08 while getting the treatment lay in semi sitting up position ( found that
the metallic taste isn't so bad
4) 9/08 Take meds right before nurse is coming so I can sleep through
the treatment. My side effects weren't so bad.
5) 9/08 When I get the HUGE energy burst try to relax and dont use up that energy.
It is fake energy that will catch up to you once treatments are done.

4) Have an "Emergency Bag" ready and put it somewhere that your FF knows where it is. In this bag have a a couple days worth of your meds. A copy of your E.R. medical sheet. Sample sizes of your hairspray, lotions, shampoos and conditioners. small thing of perfume, make up, a razor, toothbrush, ect... you get the point.

The purpose of this is for exactly what it is called... EMERGENCIES!!!!

Whether the ER is for you or someone else that you have to get up and go you will have that ready and it has your meds in it and everything else you need along with your ER card if you need refills or whatever. On the front of this bag you want to pin a note that says... "GRAB SOME SHOTS" - since the shots have to be refrigerated obviously you can't have those sitting there waiting.

The stress of Emergency situations can bring on your symptoms... The more you are prepared the better.

I have so many Tips and tricks but If I write them all down now you would be very overwhelmed and also it wouldn't keep you coming back for more information!!!!
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