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All A Buzz

Posted Jul 13 2012 6:03am
For many months I had not put two and two together.  I am obviously, at times, a bit slow when it comes to connecting the dots, but then again, I didn't know!  Things were just all a buzz all around me.

I am one of those people who, although I know the sound of my mobile phone ringtone, immediately checks to see if it is my phone that is ringing.  It doesn't matter how dissimilar the ring or melody is to my own, I still have to check.  This ridiculousness aside, for a number of months now, I can be sitting at a cafe or in the car or, well to be honest it can be just about anywhere, and I have sworn my phone is vibrating.  If my family didn't snicker before, now, not only am I checking my phone when I hear any "ringing" at all, but even if I don't hear ringing, I am sure someone must be trying to contact me because I can feel my phone buzzing.  Funnier still, is the fact that no matter how many times I have felt my phone vibrating, I have never found there to be a missed call or message or any indication that my phone was doing anything!

Then there is the problem with our bed.  Our mattress isn't new but it is still in perfect condition and quite comfortable, but it definitely had something going on with it that hadn't gone on in the past.  It seemed that every time I laid down for a rest, I was startled by what I initially assumed was our cat, Peta, joining me, only to look and find no cat.  It was as if the bed springs or something inside the mattress was moving or yes, vibrating!  Day after day, night after night, I would puzzle over what was at the cause of the bed's movement.  It wasn't Peta, there wasn't any noticeable lumps or divots, no large trucks passing by the house causing things to shake, no low grade earthquakes in the area causing aftershocks day after day, nothing I could note as a logical cause.  I was stumped. 

We then, as I mentioned in an earlier post, purchased a new high quality mattress for the daybed which I now use in our lounge room.  I have to say that it is one of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses I have ever slept on, but do you know what? It too, keeps on vibrating! 

It was after spending time in the new bed that the penny finally dropped.  It wasn't my phone or the mattress on our bed or the new mattress on the day bed... it was ME! I was vibrating! I knew about the tingling, the burning, the numbness and what I thought were all the normal sensations caused by my Mischievous So-and-so (MS) but I didn't know about "the vibration".  

After finally coming to the realization that I was the one all a buzz, I googled this now recognized and acknowledged sensation to find out what others with MS or those providing  information regarding MS symptoms had to say about it.  I have to say I was pleased to find I wasn't the only one buzzing nor the only one who was in the dark about it's cause.  I watched a YouTube video posted by one guy with MS that determined this sensation was due to the blood rushing through his veins.  I wasn't to sure about his conclusion but it was reassuring that his description of this "vibration" coming from within was much like my own.  After further internet perusing I found this succinctly written explanation by a Dr. Levine:

MS Vibration   or  Multiple Sclerosis Vibration  is often one of the earliest symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The major reason why people head to a doctor when this occurs is the common knowledge that such a tingling or vibrating sensation is often neurological. This comes about when there is damage to myelin, the protective sheath that covers a nerve. The primary job of myelin is to conduct signals from the brain to the nerves. When the myelin is damaged, it is not able to pass messages from the brain to the nerves. The body tries to regenerate the damaged myelin, but it does not find the correct muscle mass. Due to which the nerves eventually wither away resulting in multiple sclerosis. The symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis are not predictable and vary from person to person. One of the symptoms, common to a large extent for all patients, is a feeling of numbness, tingling, buzzing or vibrating referred to as MS Vibration.
This feeling is common to about 90% of all patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, but may differ from case to case depending on the severity of the disease. However, almost all the patients experience some form of numbness or tingling. The Multiple Sclerosis Vibration sensation is caused by lesions on the spinal cord or the brain and is more intense than what a normal touch would result in. A Multiple Sclerosis Vibration can occur spontaneously or be triggered by touch. It can occur anywhere in the body and start as a tingling sensation in the hands or feet, leading up to the core. MS Vibration can cause a limitation to the part of the body where it occurs, for example if it occurs in the feet, it may cause problems in walking and in the genitals it may cause a sexual dysfunction.
So there you have it.... I can rest easy now, stop checking my phone, sleep peacefully, and be thankful I don't require batteries :P
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