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again with the hurricane & flood...then I'll stop...first post of today...

Posted Sep 19 2005 12:00am

Well, here I go again, due to 'a request' that I not stop. And, you know me...I aim to please, ya know...actually, that can be a good sign for a bathroom (Kim & I put this up in her bathhouse 20 years ago) "We aim to please...your aim will help!" (for before guys showed up for a pool party).
All right...the new head of FEMA, Thad Allen (sounded like 'Fat Albert' the first time I heard it!), who seems to know a lot more about handling a national emergency, and his background backs this up, has been telling the mayor & the governor that they really should back off on moving people home to N. O. this soon, but, no, he's not trying to take over and give orders or anything. He's just doing his job! Advising them that maybe this is too soon, and all. But the mayor says he wants people back to normal in his city fast! Does anybody besides me think that this mayor is pushing this too hard?? I think the only thing this is going to do is put those poor people in SO much more danger! The places they've been told to return to (Algiers section, today)...yeah, they're dry...NOW! After soaking in water that had all kinds of stuff in it...10 feet of water! For almost 3 weeks! But, there's no electricity, no water, no hospitals, no fucking 911 service, and there's the stuff left sticking to all the houses inside and out, that you or I could NEVER imagine! Oh, and the levees haven't had time to be totally fixed and shored up, and now, hurricane Rita is on its way to the same area! And he's sending people back now?? This guy is scary! He's just asking for his 'constituents' to be in danger! But, fortunately, the feds are staying out of this, I think they're following the constitution, and staying out of the states' business, and, in other words, giving him enough rope to hang himself.Hopefully, it's going to work...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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