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Adrift In The MS Sea

Posted Oct 01 2008 1:06pm


The 12th 15....Is Their A Doctor In The House?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adrift in the Ms Sea.


One of the frustrations I am experiencing is with my Neurologist.  Mine is 4 hours away, when I do see him I feel that he is awesome.  Problem seems to be getting an appointment with him that is sooner than 2-3 months from now.  I see him twice a year.  I am on the tail end (I hope), of an overwhelming flare up that has lasted over a month.  My hair is falling out and perhaps I need some med changes, for several things.  Maybe I need to sound more urgent, I’ve called two days in a row and have not heard back.  I went to Walmart yesterday with a friend, we were in the store 20 min, and I was spent, wobbly legs, exhausted and brain fog.  Couldn’t wait to get home to lie down.  The med I’m on to help with fatigue doesn’t seem to be working anymore.  My vacuum is full of hair.  I wish my family doctor was my neurologist.  I can usually seem him the day I call if needed.  I feel somewhat abandoned in the MS sea, grasping for life rafts, the closest one, Dr.Keenan, isn’t a specialist on MS, bummer.  The others are just out of reach.  

Obviously I had a rough shot night last night, fever, chills, the usual suspects.  Sorry for ranting, I took some tylenol an hour ago, I should feel better soon.  I could go back to bed, but I think I’ll take a shower first, as tiring as that is, I always feel better afterwards.  Maybe the Tylenol will have kicked by then, and I will emerge with a better attitude.  Sorry.

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