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A Multiple Sclerosis Patients' desire to share his ill advised Medication Vacation and the aftermath...

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:19pm
Update written by: Stuart Schlossman - February 19, 2009

Because there are always new people registering to MS Views and News, I must always be able to remind those that wonder of their medications' effectiveness or the thought of the want or the yearning to stop taking their meds.

Below, is the preview to a True Story that contains (5)"must read"parts... For those who have yet to read these archived stories on the malady ( the bad) that it was for me to stop my medication, please read, digest and then consider how wrong it would be for you to stop taking your medication....

Before reading this exposé, I need to inform you that I was blessed in that I have almost fully rebounded, and am able to do, all that I do each day to educate my MS peers with Multiple Sclerosis information in the form of myblog,websiteand weekly e-newsletter(now archived).

The No-No's of taking Medication Vacations -
Written by; Stuart Schlossman (Jan. 12, 2009)

As many of you are already aware, I took a medication vacation in early 2008 without the consult of my medical practitioners and without the knowledge of my family.

The results were almost catastrophically negative and there is still some residual damage, which probably will never repair until we (Medical science) finds a way to reverse the damages caused to the Central nervous System and Myelin Sheath.

CLICK HERE to READ this (5) part intent, on teaching that Medication Vacations are a No-No !!

After reading this series, please refer to it, each time you dare to think of stopping your meds without the advice and knowledge of your health care provider.

Please share your interest in this exposé with others, by
leaving a comment or asking a question.-Thank you

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