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A Multiple Sclerosis patient asks: "Why Accept It"?

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:20pm
written and posted November 16, 2009

Did I stop and wait when first diagnosed, when the neurologist suggested that I not do a medication until my MS worsens?
Did I just accept what was told to me(almost 11 years ago)?
No, I did not.

Why then have I just been accepting the decline in my health?WHY Have I ACCEPTED IT?

This is what I seek:
less fatigue,
less cognitive issues,
less balance issues and vertigo,
and less need of the use of the cane,
Less symptoms caused by this hard-to-manage disease.

Why have I accepted the use of a cane?
Why Have I accepted that I get vertigo or have battles with fatigue when trying to do things in the middle of the day?
Why have I accepted gettingangry, very angry when cognitive dysfunction hampers me from understanding instructions or remembering how-to, do things or how-to get places.

So, my question again is: "Why have I been accepting it"?
It's Time for a Change...
This is why I will begin Tysabri in about a month.

A gift to myself for the coming holiday season.

Best Regards,
Stuart Schlossman- RRMS

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