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A Bump in the Road

Posted Sep 23 2010 7:41pm
I'm unhappy to report that I had to spend the last 5 days in the hospital. After undergoing a spinal injection of methotrexate as an experimental treatment to stop the progression of my disease, I developed aseptic meningitis. This is a non-infectious form of meningitis caused by my body's reaction to either the drug itself or one of the chemicals used to stabilize it. Basically my immune system went on the attack causing massive inflammation to the lining of my brain and spinal cord, resulting in high fever, headache and extreme weakness. Although I'm now home and feeling somewhat better, I'm still running a fever and I'm not sure how long this will continue. As soon as I'm up to it, I'll be back to my usual shenanigans. Until then I hope that all of the people who have commented on my previous post or have sent emails will understand the delayed response. Thanks to my dear wife Karen for her support throughout this mess, and who's fingers are typing this post. A full account of all of this (including incredibly inept nursing and an extremely colorful roommate) as soon as I'm up to it.
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