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Posted Dec 21 2009 10:09am 1 Comment
22 is my magic number today. Each day I am counting and adding another day. Tomorrow will be 23, and soon I will be counting in weeks, months, then years. I will because I have to, although somedays it seems almost painful. Today marks 22 days since the last day I smoked. Wow! Really, that is amazing for me! I have tried numerous times over the past several months, and I could make it a few days, then I would fall off the wagon. And the worst part is that I would smoke even more. So, it has now been 22 days, and I miss it like crazy. I'm over the nicotine cravings, but the psychological cravings are stronger than I ever imagined they could be. I walk out of a store where someone is smoking, and I inhale deeply, hoping for a lungful of the toxic fumes. I see someone smoking and I get mad that it isn't me. But on the flip side of the coin, I pat myself on the back for making it this far. I want to see my children grow up, I want to see my grandchildren grow up, and cigarette smoking just won't allow it. So, I'm done. I've shunned it from my life. Brian has also quit, and he is on day # 20, which is amazing since he has smoked for about 30 years. I'm extremely proud of him! And our kids are proud of both of us.
Looking at the cost of smoking can also be a motivator, so I keep tallying up the amount of money we are saving. We both were smoking about a pack per day. Each. Nasty. NYS, the cost of a pack of cigarettes averages $7 to 7.50 now. For ease of my math calculations, we'll stick with $7 per pack.
$7/pack per day x 2 people= $14.00/day X 7 days/wk= $98/wk X 52 wks/year = $5096/year just to indulge in a nasty, although gratifying, habit. With those savings, I think we will plan a cruise with the kids. That should be fun, and well worth the "pain" of not smoking.

Meanwhile, we are all going through the seasonal illnesses that always strike. Last week daughter had the flu, today son is home with vomitting and diarrhea. Brian has been dealing with colds, fevers and body aches. Probably the flu for him also. I've had colds, fevers, ear aches, headaches, body aches and exhaustion that is so extreme that I wake up in the morning and try to figure out when I can get back into bed. It seems all I can think about is my next nap. We are a joyful bunch that's for sure!
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