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1 days worth of trader joes complete detox my daughter is bleeding rectally, why????

Posted by lina r.

My daughter was diagnosed 1 year ago with ms.  She doesn't seem to be getting better.  She takes Rebif but her symptoms are numbness and pain along with the usual fatigue.  I decided to make her healthy so I thought to detox and I cooked healthy for her and I have a lot of suppliments for her once she detoxes.  Yesterday I gave her he morning pills and then when she went home she took her evening pills.  I sent her home with a lot of healthy food.  She just told me she had lots of pain during the night and with diarhea. So much so that she called 911.  The said her pulse was slow but she wouldn't go to the hospital.  She says shes better but is still poopen  blood.  She won't go to the hospital.  Could this have been caused from just one day of the cleanse?

I'm afraid it's more than that.  Could the cleanse have acted weird with her medication.?

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