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Renfrew, Canada
I am 55 years old, have 4 children, two of which are grown and have their own kids, and 2 teenage girls that live at home and are in high school. We bike, ride our 3 horses, canoe, and enjoy the health that eating a good diet gives us. My son and his family live in New Zealand, the rest of us live in Canada.
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How do I get rid of two large (2"X3") hematomas in muscle caused by an accident?

I had a horse rear up and fall over backwards on top of me. The saddle hit me in the lower abdomin leaving a lot of bruising. No broken bones,...

How do you get rid of large hemotomas in muscle caused from an accident?

While training a new horse, I had an accident where the horse reared up and came over backwards on top of me. The snow possibly saved my life, and I...
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