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I began this weight loss journey with 100 pounds to lose. After a year of eating right I have lost 50 pounds. My blog is for anyone who struggles to lose weight. Its not about fast weight loss. Its all about plugging away in the trenches of real life and still maintianing a lifestyle conducive to... Full Bio
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Doing good. I am not going to ...

Doing good. I am not going to weigh until the first of the week, but I am still working this diet. I need to go buy groceries. Maybe I will find...

Hi Everyone. I never imgined a ...

Hi Everyone. I never imgined a year would go by without an update on this blog. It's been a busy year, wherein I have built my own company and...

January First

Weigh in: 252. Next January I would like to see that at 190. Now, how to do that. I still don't know. I will just count calories. Last January I...

Week 1

On December 13 I weighed 253 pounds. Today I weigh 248. That is a loss of 5 pounds in 10 days. From this time on my weigh in day will be on...

Ominous Doctor Visit

I finally broke down and called the doctor yesterday. They scheduled me for an appointment today. I went. I did not like what I heard. I told...

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Jan 24 2011 by Patty B.

HCG & Cholesterol.  I did notice my cholesterol almost doubled.

1992 while pregnant it went from a normal 117 to 220s.  It returned to 110s after the birth.

2011.  I gave blood after being on the hcg diet for a week and my normal 130s cholesterol was 204.  I expect it to return to normal.  Will donate blood again to keep it monitored.


Jan 24 2011 by Patty B.

I tried the HCG diet after seeing a neighbor lose 62 pounds over a 17 weeks period. 

The great motivator not to cheat is seeing the scale drop almost every day.

 I consistently lost .6-1.0 pounds/day over 35 days. 17 lbs total.

 I did not stick to the 500 calorie diet because I thought it would drive me nuts.  You can see diets varying from 500 a day, 800-900, even 1200 a day with satisfying results.



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