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Beyond Body Mind Spirit was founded in 1989 and offers four main areas of expertise- weight loss, anti-aging, stress management and yoga, using non-traditional approaches. We emphasize a 1-on-1 approach. And since we all need on going support, we also offer classes LIVE 365 days a year. The... Full Bio
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Only 1 Thing Heals EVERY Problem

Learn how with Self Love to Lose Weight , De-Stress , and Enjoy Success with Michele Risa at

Brush your MIND while you Brush your TEETH

Brain scan studies have PROVEN you can re-wire and strengthen key areas in your brain to achieve your goals. Get an easy to do, customized...

How to Age Perfectly

Everything- even AGING – is determined by our beliefs… which determine our thoughts… which determine our words and...

“The Love in me salutes the Love in you.” Marianne Williamson

Want better relationships? Personal and professional? Learn how with ‪Self Love‬ to enjoy peace and joy, ‪‎ Lose Weight‬ and...

Experience the world through a lens of love instead of fear.

Learn how with Self Love to enjoy peace, De-Stress and Lose Weight with Michele Risa at With a lens...

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