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what could be causing my HORRIBLE body aches and fatigue?

terrible pain in my legs and arms. overwhelming fatigue. weakness. loss of appetite. sore throat.

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May 07 2010 by Patty B.

hi, I just posted a response today.  I have had great luck with vitamins.  Three times a day, 500 mg magnesium, 5000 iu D3, and milk.  Then a multi tab in morning and B super complex 150 in the afternoon.

Tremendous improvement.  I didn't want cortisone shots again.  Had a bad reaction, so was desperate to try anything.  And knew vitamins wouldn't hurt you.


Apr 14 2010 by fibromy@ss
You are fatigued because you are still trying to function physically.  You are fighting your body everytime you do physical activity.
Apr 14 2010 by fibromy@ss


The muscles in your torso are what is causing your grief.  They are tightening and trying to compensate for whatever has happened.  Did you have a previous injury?  The pain you are experiencing in your extremities is those muscles being tightened.  Since you say your throat hurts, your erector spinae muscles are involved as well as the abdominals.  I suspect several muscles.  The moment your torso stops tightening, the pain in your extremities should stop.




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